Membership Launching April 29th, 2021 - My Birthday

Membership Launching April 29th, 2021 - My Birthday

Geraint Clarke

I've given away years of advice for free, the kind of advice, both solicited and unsolicited, that has gone on to make a lot of people very wealthy.

My email inbox and social media DM's are filled with questions on marketing, self-promotion, branding, business, and personal finance.

People want honest, simple to understand answers and that's what I provide. In just 2 years of blogging on I've been able to:

  • Attract an average of 30,000 readers per month.
  • Hit the top 5% of earners there.
  • Be named in the top #100 most influential authors on the entire platform.

But those readers are passive consumers, I can't have a conversation with them, I can't help them directly with their questions and I can't follow up on their successes. I'm a passenger on my own journey.

Worst still, Medium, not me, is in control of my reader's participation and restricts the distribution of my writing. That needs to change. There shouldn't be a middle-man between me and you.

Starting my own affordable membership is the logical next step. A growing community of qualified readers, people who want to know and will value the answer.

By starting my own membership I'm creating a community for us. A community where:

✅ There are no insider secrets held back.

✅ There are no ads, because you, the readers are funding it.

✅ We have a members-only Telegram Channel so you can discuss specific questions related to your life or business.

✅ I have full control over the distribution. Meaning you get 100% of what you sign-up for. It can't be restricted by any algorithm.

Starting April 29th, this will be a growing eco-system of life-changing hacks, tips and advice that you can consume in 1-minute or less.

I'd be honoured to call you a member.