Your Screen Time Imagined as Productive Tasks

Your Screen Time Imagined as Productive Tasks

Geraint Clarke

"I don't have time."

We all say it, but the truth is, it's not that we don't have time, it's that we don't want to give time to whatever that task is.

Last week I woke-up to this notification...

Screenshot from my phone Monday May 17th 2021

That's an average of 5 hours per day on my phone.

Thankfully 3 hours of that daily usage was 'productive' with emails, zoom calls etc.

The other 2 hours - Youtube, Binance & Instagram.

The average screen time for adults is 6 hours, 16 minutes - Per day.

What can you do instead?

  1. 10 days off your screen would get you a private pilots license.
  2. 3,500 calories is equal to a whole pound of fat. Cycling burns an average of 600 calories per hour. If you ditched screens for cycling, for just 1 day, you'd be down an entire pound of pure fat.
  3. You could fly to the moon and back, 18 times if you took a year off screens. (jk)
  4. You could get an extra 2 hours sleep per night.
  5. It takes about 480 hours to learn a language. So if you halved your screen time and learned French instead, you'd be fluent within 6 months.
  6. Reduce your screen time by 1 hour per day and you'd be able to read one novel... per week.
  7. Earn an extra £10,000 per year, based on minimum wage, by just halving your screen time to work a side hustle.

I'll be working on getting my screen time down from now on.

How are you going to spend your extra time?